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Episode 52: Putting an End to Hyperpigmentation with Molly Sims

Hyperpigmentation. It’s a topic you’ve likely heard about either from your own experience, hearing a friend complain about it or after a pregnancy. Christine has personally dealt with both melasma and hyperpigmentation since her early 30s when she started hormonal fertility treatments. Then with each pregnancy over the past decade it became worse. Christine tried many skincare brands and in office treatments to cure her hyperpigmentation and nothing seemed to make a dent.

Enter model, actress, entrepreneur, podcast host, author, mom and beauty enthusiast Molly Sims. She is also the founder and chief creative officer of YSE Beauty. As with everything she does, she brings her authentic stuff to this brand because she also struggled with her own skin for decades. From cystic acne in her 20s to sun damage, hyperpigmentation and melasma in my 30s and 40s. Molly spent too many years dependent on her concealer. This led her to create a YSE Beauty, a product that was effective and simple for the woman on the run, not to mention the beautiful packaging.

Since it is the season of sun and sun damage, Molly is here to share her journey to healthy skin:
- Molly’s childhood in kentucky and leading to modeling
- Molly’s role model
- How molly celebrated her “30th birthday” with a new goal
- Why she threw a big birthday bash in Africa
- How Molly keeps up with her kids at 50 years old
- Molly’s plan to keep her kids off drugs and make good decisions
- The benefits of kids playing team sports and what they learn
- Values of kids participating in individual sports
- Molly talks about her podcast lipstick on the rim
- Why Molly launched YSE beauty
- Molly’s personal skin struggles with hyperpigmentation
- Molly’s skin turning point and what she did to resolve her hyperpigmentation
- How her skin struggles lead to her to help women with the same issues
- Transinemic acid benefits
- Why our skins need vitamin c
- Women don’t want stinky cream and what she created instead
- Why glowing skin comes from skincare not makeup
- Why dry skin is actually what’s making you look older
- The benefits of a gel oil cleanser
- The community she’s building with her brand YSE
- YSE is cool girl clinical
- Molly’s philosophy about aging and feeling good
- Molly’s best piece of self love advice

Connect with Molly
YouTube mollysims

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