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Episode 54: Can Olive Oil Do ALL That with Kim Walls of Furtuna

This one kitchen staple can do wonders for your complexion, your waistline, and your cognition - olive oil! It has recently gained more popularity thanks to Beyonce, J.Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow who take a shot of it to start their day. Before Gwyneth, there was Cleopatra who used it in her beauty routines. To uncover all the dynamic skin care and health benefits of olive oil (even how it can bio-hack aging) Kim Walls Co-founder & CEO of Furtuna Skin joins the podcast. Olive oil is infused in the products and it isn’t an old olive oil but, the best you can grow in Italy.

Kim is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and beauty formula pioneer who grew up learning how to create topical healing formulations in her father's labs. After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara, Kim studied biochemistry, skincare, and nutrition for two decades, focusing on the link between bio-hacking, bodily changes, and wellness efforts. During this time, she launched multiple skincare companies, parlaying her experience as an educator, esthetician, and nutritionist and carrying on the family legacy as a founder of natural brands that garnered international recognition.

As co-founder and CEO of Furtuna Skin, Kim leverages her ethno-medical and ethno-botanical expertise to help create the Italian brand's award- winning, 5-star-rated regenerative skin care formulas. Leading the product development team on formulation, Kim ensures that Furtuna Skin continues to raise the bar for clean beauty efficacy.

Named Travel + Leisure’s 2021 “Global Vision Award Winner” and New Hope Media's "9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry" Kim works at institutional and political levels through her nonprofit efforts to shift the current approach to product formulation and healthcare to improve global wellness. Most recently, Kim served as leader of the Retail Advisory Committee for the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Kim shares all the olive oil goodness:
- About the family legacy of skincare
- Holistic approach to skincare
- Medical aspects of skincare is her background
- Research based with the goal of wanting people to feel better
- The Furtuna farm story
- Why she only eats Bona Furtuna
- Importance of regenerative agriculture for clean skincare
- Top 5 ingredients of furtuna skin
- EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) vs. regular olive oil
- Why you have to use EVOO organic for all cooking
- Good tasting olive oil is relevant for skincare
- Benefits of olive oil for skin
- The SPF benefits of olive oil
- EVOO is world’s number one defense of wrinkles
- Why supplementation is important
- What is bio availability and how EVOO enhances it
- How does EVOO affect intermittent fasting
- The role of olive oil and our genetics
- How Cleopatra actually knew what she was doing with olive oil
- Use of magnolia in products
- Olive oil product benefits
- Why to take the furtuna skin quiz
- Olive oil can be drunk right out of the bottle

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