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Episode 51: Skin Bootcamp for Your Microbiome with Dahlia Devkota

We are going to a bootcamp! It’s not the sweat-inducing kind, this is your microbiome bootcamp! You may know about the gut microbiome already but did you know the skin also has a microbiome? It does and its health and stability is just as important when thinking of your beauty and the aging process. As we age, the skin’s epidermal layer weakens which leads to faster signs of aging. It’s also caused by “beauty burnout” when you use too many products or do too many treatments breaking down your epidermal layer.

There is a way to repair your skin’s microbiome naturally. Dahlia Devkota, a former beauty editor turned founder and CEO of Editrix, a microbiome focused luxury brand that uses advanced science to rehabilitate skin. After many years reporting from the front lines of beauty for “Allure” and “W” magazine, Dahlia stepped away from the industry. She was lured back into beauty as a brand founder when she saw a white space in the market: skincare that addressed skin’s native function through the pathway of beneficial bacteria. Collaborating with her sister, Dr. Suzanne Devkota, who is a world renowned authority on the gut microbiome, Dahlia began extensive R&D on the skin microbiome. After much research, she became thoroughly convinced that this was the most direct and effective pathway to skin health. Editrix was born. A highly concise and curated line of products using postbiotics from human beneficial bacteria to revolutionize skin.

Editrix is all about bringing the skin back to homeostasis to strengthen its natural abilities like protecting against inflammation, pollution, oxidation, and general aging. It’s simplified the product offering with 4 powerhouse products that are a rehab for your skin and promise a much-needed glow-up.

Dahlia explains everything about the skin’s microbiome:
- Her story working in fashion/beauty editing
- Her scientist sister and how she learned more about good bacteria
- Why we need to protect our microbiome
- What is a microbiome
- How not to turn into a fungi
- Symptoms you see with a microbiome breakdown
- Where the microbiome is in your skin
- What breaks down the microbiome
- What is the common ph balance of skin and why it’s important
- Whether double cleansing is cleansing
- How exfoliating can be bad for microbiome
- What a better microbiome means for your skin
- How too many peels actually accelerates aging
- Why too much retinol is a bad thing
- Why you actually want a stronger skin barrier to prevent aging
- Stop beating your skin into submission
- What in-office treatments are okay for skin barrier
- Are lasers good for skin barrier
- Understanding the skin’s ph
- How melasma is connected to microbiome
- Demigod product explained
- Deuxieme product explained
- How can retrain your skin with cleansers
- Why a-list celebrity elite are using this product system
- Pre/pro/post biotics explained
- Post-biotics explained
- The entourage effect
- People are using it all over body and brings it back to homeostasis that empowers the skin to heal
- Sake ingredient that is super anti-aging
- Ancient intelligence is infused in the products
- Bakterium delirium product explained
- Sunscreen friend or foe
- Natural ways to offer sunscreen without products


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