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Body sculpting Gua Sha Comb is our secret weapon for toned & smoothed skin this year.

Total Body Wellness

We select ingredients for optimum health and performance for skin that is vibrant and youthful and bodies that are resilient, radiant, and strong.

Conscious & Clean

Our body care is free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, PEGs, and 1,300 other known toxins. Our supplements are science-backed, plant-based, and natural.

Whole Body Focused

Our formulas target the body from the neck down, inside and out. Getting and staying healthy is a commitment we try to make easier every day. For every body.

As Seen In

A leader in Face-Grade Body Care, Kayo places great importance on treating your body with the same quality and care as your face.

Kayo's award-winning full-body serum is like Pilates for the skin. Go ahead make your face jealous.

Kayo’s Body Beautiful Creme leaves you with the most beautifully soft and renewed skin.

This face grade body cream leaves skin feeling soft, supple and looking radiant with a youthful vitality.

Kayo's line of skincare is a favorite with Who What Wear editors.

Kayo's Body Beautiful Oil does exactly what the name implies. This luxurious formula is brimming with nutrients that nourish and pamper.

Body Sculpting Duo

These powerful body sculptors work better together. Apply Concentrated Firming Serum, then with the scalloped edge of the opalite crystal gua sha, massage to help smooth fascia, massage tissue, and increase circulation.

Bloat Be Gone is our solution to a stressed-out digestive system.

Our fast-acting, light berry-flavored drink mix is made of a blend of botanicals and amino acids, L-Glutamine, Aloe Vera Leaf, Dandelion, Marshmallow Root, and Fennel Seed.

Together they are designed to aid in the relief of gas and cramps associated with bloating and indigestion.

*Can be used before or after you overindulge, or as daily digestive support.

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