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Episode 50: Learning to Love Your Body with model Iskra Lawrence

Living in the world of bodies for over 20 years as a fitness expert, Christine has seen every type. Not one body is exactly the same and yet they are each uniquely gorgeous. However, if you swipe through social media, you are bound to see someone placing their judgments on the way someone else looks.

Enter Iskra Lawrence, who is breaking down society's standards of beauty and advocating for all the beautiful bodies out there. That’s you! She’s championing the body acceptance movement, supporting women’s mental health when it comes to body image, and advocating for all the ladies out there to feel confident in their own skin.

Iskra is the founder of Saltair and Self Funding. She's dedicated her career to empowering women. Her candid discussions online and TEDx talk disrupt societal norms and inspire millions, landing her places on Forbes 30 Under 30, and BBC World’s 100 Most Influential Women.

Iskra shares the following:
- How she became a model
- The impact of teen modeling years and being measured constantly and rejected
- When she learned about plus size modeling and how it sparked her to change the modeling industry
- People doubting she could work as a model
- Her big break in NYC and why it sucked
- How she had to wear a fat suit to be a plus size model
- Iskra’s turning point 10 years into modeling
- How she worked with Aerie beyond modeling
- How she overcome her body insecurities
- When she changed her workout mindset from burning calories to feeling good
- When she started speaking kindly to herself
- Her new mindset of nothing can stop me
- Change happens with small things each day
- Importance of community
- Body acceptance vs. body positivity
- How her naiveness was an asset
- What she learned starting Saltair
- Motherhood’s impact on her body image
- Struggle of negative self talk postpartum
- Challenges of having a colic baby
- How post baby lead her to create Saltair
- Motherhood tip, don’t tell your husband what to do
- Dealing with postpartum lingerie career shaming
- How her boobs are out more in public as a mom than modeling
- Why she believes in a naked house


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