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Episode 49: Hollywood’s Hottest Natural Slimming Treatment with Rebecca Faria on Keep It Simple, Sexy

You’ve no doubt seen social media posts of someone lying on a massage table showing off a svelte abdomen instead of proclaiming their inner peace. Their body is flushed of any retained fluids and is sculpted like never before. What are they doing? It’s called a Brazilian Lymphatic Massage. Christine has been doing them monthly for the past few years and swears by them. She discovered them while pregnant with Penelope and really saw the health benefits postnatally.

The lymphatic system is vital for our overall well being. That's not just Christine’s belief, but celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner and many more are huge fans of the Brazilian Lymphatic massage and receive the treatment from Rebecca Faria.

Rebecca is the founder of Detox Massage which is her patented technique combining manual lymphatic massage and different types of equipment to effectively treat inflammation in the body. She’s one of the most talked about therapists in Los Angeles and the master at lymphatic drainage. Known as the “Massage Queen”, Rebecca has been working in lymphatic massage for 12 years, has a masters degree in body aesthetics, study aesthetics and cosmetology in Brazil and oriental medicine in Australia.

Rebecca shares the following:
- How it going being a mom
- Ways the Brazilian Lymphatic Massage helps anxiety
- Lymphatic system explained and its importance to your health
- What happens when the lymphatic system is clogged
- How to get the lymphatic system to flow
- Benefits of Brazilian lymphatic massage
- How the lymphatic system removes fat
- Why the lymphatic system is one of the main systems in the body
- Lymphatic system is a shower from the inside
- Bloating is a consequence of a problem and can be relieved through Brazilian lymphatic massage
- Lymphatic massage vs. regular massage vs. brazilian lymphatic massage
- America lymphatic massage explained
- Brazilian lymphatic massage explained
- Why Brazilians grow up with lymphatic massage
- Benefits of Brazilian lymphatic massage while pregnant
- Benefits of Brazilian lymphatic massage post pregnancy
- Brazilian lymphatic massage for vaginal birth vs. c-section
- Why to have Brazilian lymphatic massage right after any surgery
- Why Brazilian lymphatic massage is considered preventive care in Brazil
- Endermolgy vs lymphatic massage
- Endermolgy benefits
- Rebecca's detox tea strips for the lymphatic system
- How to improve digestion
- How outside stressors affect our whole body


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