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Episode 48: Food Therapy: Change Your Relationship with Food for Good w/Shira Barlow


If you had to post a status update on your relationship with food, what would it say? Most people would say, it’s complicated. You probably know all the right things to eat and right ways to eat, but somehow you end up making bad food decisions along the way. Maybe those decisions are made by stress, lack of willpower or not living in the moment. How will you ever reach your health goals if this cycle continues?

Enter the food therapist, Shira Barlow. She’ll teach you how to resist those food urges by addressing your emotional issues around food. Shira provides tips on how to make sustainable changes.

Shira Barlow (Lenchewski), M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian in private practice, nutrition expert and author of THE FOOD THERAPIST presented by Goop Press. She is the resident nutritionist at Goop and has been featured in magazines such as Glamour, Seventeen, O The Oprah Magazine, and Bon Appétit, and on sites like Refinery29, Lenny Letter, Man Repeller, Well+GOOD, and POPSUGAR Fitness, among others. After completing her master’s degree in clinical nutrition at New York University and her dietetic residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, Shira started her private practice. She focuses on helping clients untangle their complex relationships with food, so they can make thoughtful choices that serve their ultimate goals, while still enjoying delicious food.

Shira discusses the following:

- We all have weird food things
- Why it’s hard to change food habits
- How Shira got into nutrition
- Why it’s important to know what you don’t want to do in life
- How Shira’s book “Food Therapy” is more than a meal plan and highlights the gap between a person’s intentions and day to day actions
- One of our biggest fears is we won’t have the will power to change
- How to understand what’s standing in your way to make better food choices
- Most common food hangups people have - stressed, tired
- Willpower is not a skill to learn, but a limited resource
- Indulging in foods is one big misconception
- Indulging has nothing to do with vice or virtue
- How to change our mindset about enjoying foods on vacations
- Advice for busy moms with no willpower left
- How to actually live in the moment
- Ways to engage your will power to make better food choices
- How to plan for our future self
- Why you need to make a connection to your future self
- The “almond mom” trend explained
- How to handle the pressure of moms passing down healthy habits to kids
- Why brides are really good at healthy food habits and how you can use their skills
- Shedding for the wedding culture: good or bad?
- How to create self regulation techniques
- 3 tips to implement your better food choices
- The more you enjoy food the easier it is to choose better
- Info on Shira’s podcast
- Look at your past choices with curiosity of why you made bad choices
- Examine the relationship with yourself and food

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