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Episode 41: Finding Blessings in Difficult Times with Kym Douglas

If you need a dose of hope or humor, you're in the right place because Kym Douglas is known to do all of that and more.

You may have seen Kym on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” or “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and you know she is not only a lifestyle expert and television host, but a comedian, a best-selling author, podcast host of “Healthy Dose”, and the recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Life Award presented by City of Hope.

She is a monthly columnist for The Pro-Age Woman Magazine, helping women live more inspired and beautiful lives. After battling and beating stage 3 breast cancer, Kym's devotion to her faith and family has never been stronger. She has become a highly requested speaker, encouraging others on how to deal with difficulties in life…and to find the blessings in it.

In this episode you’ll learn:
How she got her start in TV News
Her top beauty tips and DIY beauty recipes
Why she’s grateful to be aging
Secrets to pro-aging with grace
Major life lessons she’s learned
Ways to have a loving relationship
How to find the blessings in difficult times
Her journey of surviving stage 3 breast cancer
Ways she remains hopeful
Tips to find your inner bliss
The incredible work she does with City of Hope


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