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Episode 39: The Body You Want 9x Faster with the Founders of EMS Workout

Tighter abs and a perkier butt in a workout that takes less time than it does to watch an episode of the Housewives. Sounds too good to be true, yet it’s the go-to workout for celebrities, models, athletes, and CEOs in Los Angeles.

What is this workout that can transform your body 9x faster than other traditional workouts? It’s called EMS Training and works through electrostimulation of the muscle and works up to 350 muscles simultaneously. Christine and her husband love the workout, which helped repair Christine’s core post baby without a hundred pilates sessions, and it lifted her 40 year old booty almost instantly. And the workout is only 20 minutes!

Anthony Gabriel and Bridget Whitman, trainers in WB-EMS (Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation) run EMS FIX. They're longtime professional dancers, from Broadway to international dance tours as well as teachers who bring a unique, mind and body-conscious perspective to WB-EMS.

In this episode they share:

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS
How EMS training differs from a traditional workout
The effectiveness of EMS
Why is it so effective?
The long list of additional health benefits from EMS
Increase stamina and endurance
How they discover this fitness method
What a session of EMS Training is looks like
The immediate and long term effects of EMS Training


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