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Episode 40: The Future of Beauty Experiences with Dr. Mariana Vergara


This is the future of beauty experiences. It’s a beautiful oasis tucked away in the heart of Beverly Hills called Beauty Villa Vergara. Celebrities and CEOs alike go there for a full service luxury experience by expert Dr. Mariana Vergara where they’re treated in individual rooms ensuring guest privacy and total relaxation. It’s the one stop oasis for everything from botox, fillers, lasers, facials, hair coloring, hair cuts, hair styling, mani, pedi, a massage and even a chiropractic appointment. It’s an obvious favorite of Eva Mendes and Miranda Kerr.

Dr. Mariana Vergara specializes in cosmetic dermatology, with a mission to enhance a patient’s natural beauty and analyze the person’s health before determining the best treatment approach. She understands the full needs of her clients by providing an all-encompassing assessmentand treatment facility to address their concerns from the inside and outside, making her the global beauty expert and innovator for natural beauty.

In this episode Dr. Vergara shares:

How she started in skin care over 15 years ago
The ways your lifestyle affects your skin
Why she created the Beauty Villa Vergara
Favorite facial treatments for monthly upkeep
The one facial treatment to receive before a big event
What is mono threading and the results it provides
Difference between mono threading and regular threading
One facial treatments she can’t live without
Top laser body treatments
The results of radio frequency vs. ultrasound body treatments
How to get rid of cellulite with Radial Pulse Therapy
When you should try Emsculpt Neo
New beauty devices she’s loving


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