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Episode 43: Alternatives to Plastic Surgery with Georgia Louise

Skincare wellness is a must if you want to avoid going under the knife and Georgia Louise is here to share all her secrets for not only the most enviable skin, but also utilizing skin wellness to stay young and feel beautiful without going under the knife.

When our complexions need a reset, Georgia Louise tops the list of experts. One glance at her glasslike complexion not to mention her slew of glowing clients like JLaw, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone and so many more - will convince you to get on a regular skincare routine.

Georgia Louise is a world-renowned celebrity esthetician with a noteworthy client base and over twenty years’ experience in the skincare industry. She is the founder of Georgia Louise, a skincare brand that helps people achieve the sacred energy of their beauty by developing innovative skincare formulas, tools, devices, and techniques. Georgia brings together high tech, high touch and highly developed feminine intuition to create the formulas, tools, devices and training that help channel the energy of the divine feminine at every point of one's lifelong skin journey. The New York Times described Georgia as a 'Cosmic Facialist' and American Vogue said she is the 'BFF' (Best Friends Facialist).

Georgia Shares the Following:
- How she got into skincare
- Top non-invasive beauty treatments
- The role technology plays in skincare
- Benefits of using a guasha
- What to say to your esthetician when getting treatment
- What to ask your esthetician before treatment
- 3 favorite skin tools
- The hollywood needle and what it does
- Why microneedling is safe
- The importance of a double cleanse
- Best spf to wear daily
- When to avoid prescription retinoids
- Skincare tips for those under the age of 26
- Skincare for kids


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