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Episode 38: Balance Your Blood Sugar, Balance Your Body with Kelly Leveque

To be well, we have to eat well. That is no easy task with busy lives, picky kid eaters, and living life on the go. It’s possible with the help of Hollywood mainstay, Kelly LeVeque. She’s a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert and best selling author of, “Body Love: Live In Balance, Weigh What You Want, And Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever.” Kelly’s deep desire to help her clients, her passion for human nutrition, and her curiosity about how the body works is why everyone from clients like Jessica Alba, Molly Simms, Kate Walsh, and even previous guest Lindsay Price turn to her to feel and look terrific.

Her practical approach to wellness, helps her clients transform their health and their lives through nourishing whole foods and body-loving practices. Kelly dives into her fab 4 fundamentals, how to balance blood sugar and reduce cravings, find out why in a world of vegans she has a protein brand made with grass-fed beef, how to rid ourselves of food drama forever and of course…how to eat well to be well.

In this episode Kelly Shares:
Her journey to working in nutrition
How to free yourself from food drama
Simple steps to start a healthier diet and lifestyle
The importance of balancing blood sugar
Why blood sugar greatly affects our health, energy and weight
Top tips to balance blood sugar
The fab 4 fundamentals
Easy fab 4 smoothie recipe
Why a beef based protein powder is vital for our health
Tips for parents with kids to raise empowered eaters


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