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Episode 37: Commit to Less Exercise To Show Up More with Megan Roup

You’re ready to commit to a new fitness routine but you’re lacking even more time. How are you going to do it? Enter Megan Roup who wants you to commit to less exercise while getting the same results. Megan’s The Sculpt Society offers fun and effective workouts that combinesculpt and dance so you don’t have to spend 2 hours a day working out.

Megan is like the modern day Jane Fonda with a slew of workouts ranging from dance cardio, to strength, tone, and more. The workouts range from 10-50 minutes and just one glance at her A-List celebrity following, you’ll know TSS has proven results! She’s on a mission to empower women through movement.

In this episode Megan shares:
How she got started in fitness
Why she launched the infamous Sculpt Society
The moto behind her fitness method
How to commit to shorter workouts so you actually workout more days show up
Benefits of a mini workout
Why it’s possible to get a good workout in 10 minutes
How everyone can dance and why it’s one of the best workouts
Post-workout recovery tips
Overcoming body image issues and loving her body now
Food philosophy that is not a diet
Pre-work meal tips
Post-natal recovery and workout advice for women

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