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Episode 34: What it’s Really Like to Adopt a Baby

This episode I’d like to walk you through my experience adopting my first child, Remington Rain with my husband Bob in 2017. I’m answering all the questions I’ve been asked over the years, including the not so polite ones. Though I am always an open book and happy to answer them all.

Remi’s adoption story has already blessed many families. Adoption can seem like a scary process and I’m here to debunk any rumors, clear up misconceptions, and help you face your fears. One rumor I often hear is “Do adopted children have attachment issues?” Yes they can, and so can biological children. Here’s another fear I hear, “but the child doesn’t have my genes and biology”. Yes and you also don’t know what nurture will do with the genes you provide your biological child as well.

My opinion is that adoption is not about me. It’s not about taking another child to be my child. It’s about providing the child the love, peace, and nurturing he or she needs through an open family. I feel blessed to be able to give that to my daughter Remi.

In this episode I share:
The A-Z steps of a domestic adoption and there are a LOT
Whether or not you need a lawyer
How the matching process works
Differences between open and closed adoption
How long the process takes
My biggest fear of the adoption process
The range of emotions I went through including a depression
What it really means to be a parent


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