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Episode 35: Love Your Body with Anna Victoria

Does this sound like you, you hate working out, it’s never been part of your life though you know how valuable fitness can be in preventing illness and don’t know where to start. Or maybe this sounds like you, your exercise routine has stopped showing results and you’re scared to lift heavy weights because you’ll become bulky. Then you’ll want to listen to this episode with fitness expert Anna Victoria.

Anna Victoria has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, a thriving fitness career, she is the CEO and Co-Fonder of the Fit Body App and her newest product, Vitalura Labs Proteins. She’s a mommy of an adorable little toddler and women from across the country look to her for strength focused workouts that minimize time while maximizing results, for inspiration, and as a superhero mommy.

She is an advocate for women going through fertility issues and a support system for women needing guidance through postpartum.

You’ll hear about the benefits of strength training, the effect of fertility on the body, recovering from pregnancy, and feeling the best you have ever felt!

In this episode Anna shares:
Her journey into fitness and mission to help women feel better
Why following an 80/20 approach with food works
Ways to finally love your body no matter what shape
How strength training can transform your body
Financial alternatives for strength training equipment
Why you won’t become bulky if you strength train
The benefits of using her FitBody App
How her unhealthy eating habits impacted her fertility journey
Ways to stay mentally fit during fertility
The number one tip for postpartum planning
Her must have gelato flavored protein powder

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