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Episode 36: What You Need to Know About Microblading

Ever spent the entire morning applying your eyebrows only to find out they are uneven and misshaped? Are you guilty of over plucking leaving sparse wonky brows? Or worked tirelessly on eyeliner that smudged a few minutes later?

Daria Chuprys, beauty expert, female entrepreneur, and founder of the luxury beauty brand DARCASE®, is going to cut your beauty time in half while upgrading your results. She’s got all the tips to get those symmetrical perfectly shaped brows and awesome at-home gadgets to boost your skin radiance.

Daria began her career in the beauty industry in 2009 as a makeup and lash artist and eventually discovered her calling in the field of permanent makeup. In 2013, Daria and her husband Kostas, relocated to America from Greece and opened up the first Microblading Academy in the US which has educated more than 2,000 people and has created many innovative products for permanent makeup professionals, which they later rebranded to Golden Brows- the premiere permanent makeup destination in Beverly Hills, CA.

In 2020, Daria’s new venture, DARCASE®, was launched. The company offers elegantly crafted skincare tools and accessories, including the innovative makeup and jewelry CASE.

In this episode Daria will share:
What is microblading and the various options
What type of microblading is best based on your skin pigment
What you want to look for in a microblading expert
How permanent makeup has evolved and improved
The differences between permanent makeup and semi-permanent
Who’s a good candidate for permanent makeup
The must have at home luxury skincare tools
How she started her beauty brand DARCASE
Benefits of using skincare tools at home
Tips for being a beauty entrepreneur

Learn more about Daria and DARCASE
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