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Kayo, Leader in the Global Body Skincare Movement is Closing Its Doors


Today with a bit of sadness but much more gratitude we announce the closing of Kayo Body Care. We as a team are filled with a deep appreciation for our community and loyal customer base who supported us as we paved a new path for global body care, first demanding the same quality of face care for the body and then leading the way with a brand that treated skin from the inside-out as well as outside-in.

Every single purchase, every kind review, and every positive word told to a friend has gone noticed and appreciated. As founder, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with all of you through our love of self-care and joy that comes through strengthening our bodies for ourselves and our families.

Since our launch, the skincare industry and I have both changed tremendously. Kayo was my first baby but since its debut I’ve had three more children. It has been challenging being a female CEO running a global company in a highly competitive industry while managing the growth of my family. Everyone and everything was growing at once. The bigger Kayo grew the more time was taken away from my family and it all began to take a toll on my health.

Since well-being has always been my main passion I was forced to take a deep look at my own life in order to regain my health, realign my priorities, and make some necessary changes. As a mother of young children, I realize I will never get this time back and they need more from me. So as a family we made the choice to close the doors of Kayo for now.

As a woman that has worked three jobs since I was 15, worked 80 hour weeks for Kayo, and full-time days after giving birth, this was a difficult decision. I loved formulating award-winning products, building this brand, and sharing it with you. My only sadness comes from letting down our customers who love Kayo products. I’m sorry we won’t be able to provide you the quality products you came to depend on for your skin and body health. We couldn’t have achieved our success without the loyalty and generosity of our team, retailers, affiliates, editors, and wonderful customers. I’m forever grateful for your belief in Kayo and better quality body care.

xoxo, Christine

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