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Give Your Immune System a Boost

Vital Greens includes immune support heroes such as, Immune Complex, Organic Ultracur® and Spirulina.

Must-Have Multitasker for Minimizing Inflammation that Lowers Immunity

The only beauty and joint focused curcumin powered by amino-acids.
Keep inflammation under control daily & fight aging with Superior Absorption Curcumin, Magnesium, and Frankincense.

De-Bloat Naturally

Effectively reduce gas, cramping, and bloating after indulging in certain foods. Help to prevent future bloating by strengthening your gut lining and microbiome.

Your Daily Stress Remedy

This adaptogen supplement works to increase or "adapt" the body's ability to resist stressors and rebalance the body. Manage your stress naturally!

Age-Defying Marine Collagen

Protect and boost your body's natural collagen with the highest absorbing, most sustainable form of collagen yet. Start sipping your way to more hydrated, youthful, skin, hair + nails!

Total Body Wellness

Our bodies are constantly fending off pollutants and stressors. Kayo provides holistic nutritional support to help you look and feel your best.

Maximum Bioavailability

Our patent-pending process envelops key actives in a protein or amino acid so your body can absorb and use every nutrient in the jar.

Expertly Designed

Developed and tested by fitness expert Christine Bullock with the help of an expert homeopath and nutritional scientists.

Plant Based

We use science-backed blends of nutrients, vegetables, plants, and herbs chosen for their ability to help the body balance and adapt.

Consciously Clean

We use only the good stuff and nothing more. That means, no artificial flavors, colorants, fillers, gluten, soy, or added sugars.

Science-Based Nutrients

Superfoods, protein and adaptogens can help give the nutritional foundation you need to find balance, energy, and a lit-from-within glow.

As Seen In

This [Skin Perfect] also tops the list of Xue’s favorites, another great marine-based pick. It combines several other skin-loving ingredients—hyaluronic acid, photoceramides, antioxidants, silica—to further up the effects of the wild-caught marine collagen. But the best part? The delicious berry lemonade flavor, which is entirely naturally-derived.

...Kayo is one of my all-time favorite beauty brands, especially when it comes to bodycare.

Your Body Will Crave These

SKIN PERFECT is a collagen-building and skin-hydrating supplement who’s properties are unparalleled combining Wild Caught Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Phytoceramides, Minerals, and Antioxidants for a high-wattage glow.

VITAL GREENS is one of the best things you can do for your body. You're just a sip away with Detoxifying Grasses, Energizing Nutrients, Beautifying Antioxidants, Immune Boosters, and Fiber Support
in every glass.

De-Bloat Naturally

Soothe a stressed-out digestive system with this fast-acting, light berry flavored drink mix made of a blend of botanicals and amino acids. L-Glutamine supports a healthy gut lining and microbiome, while AloeDandelion, and Marshmallow Root help the body break down and eliminate food more effectively. Finally, Fennel soothes the gas and cramps associated with bloating, helping you feel better — and leaner — fast.**

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Your Daily Stress Remedy

Keep your cool on crazy days with this blend of traditional herbs, mushrooms, and amino acids. Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps help the body adapt to stress while boosting energy and stamina. Gotu Kola and L-Theanine are also in the mix--two ingredients linked with reducing symptoms of anxiety. Put it all together, and you'll be left feeling strong and centered as you hustle through your to-do list.**

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The Anti-Inflammatory, Age-Reversing Superstar We All Need

Preserve skin’s youthful vibrancy with Kayo’s advanced, antioxidant-rich curcumin formula. Curcumin protects against environmental stressors and soothes inflammation--two main culprits behind skin aging. Curcumin's inflammation-balancing properties also make it an ideal support for post-workout muscle and joint recovery.**

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