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Collagen Building

Advanced Skin Hydration

Antioxidant Protection

Muscle + Joint Support

Strengthens Hair, Skin + Nails

Marine Collagen

Skin Perfect Marine Collagen Powder Drink Mix

+ Wild Caught Marine Collagen | Helps strengthen hair, skin, and nails while supporting muscle and joint health.

+ Hyaluronic Acid + Phytoceramides | Locks in moisture at the skins surface and helps improve skin's texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

+ Antioxidants + Silica | Protects the collagen you already have while enhancing your body's ability to create more on its own

+ Easy to use! Mixes into cold or hot water water or your favorite smoothie for a delicious berry lemonade drink.

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Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Sugar Free

Preservative Free

Sustainably Sourced

Which type of collagen is better absorbed by the body—powder or liquid?

Studies show that 90% of oral collagen is absorbed by the body within 24 hours, no matter if it’s in liquid or powder form. The downside of liquid collagen is that it may have a shorter shelf life—and more preservatives—than powdered collagen.

Kayo’s Skin Perfect Collagen Powder contains no stabilizers or preservatives, just wild-caught, European-sourced collagen and an array of other clean nutrients.

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Just got my third bag! It's the perfect thing in the afternoon when I want a treat. Love that you can drink it on it's own, doesn't need to mix into another drink. So easy.

I am on my 3rd serving already and this just seems to be a better version compared to the others I have. It's not gritty, or bland - dissolves easy, I like the flavor, and that the collagen is wild-caught marine, and not cow. AND it has all the other stuff for the skin. Def loving it.

I've tried a lot of different collagen brands and this is the first one that tastes great and gives me visible results! My nails are growing super fast and strong and I see a ton of new hair growth.