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Visibly Improves Skin Tone + Texture

Lightweight, Yet Powerful Hydration

Protects Skin From Environmental Stressors That Contribute To Premature Aging

Helps Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks + Other Forms Of Scarring

Helps Protect Collagen During Pregnancy + Treat Loose Skin After Pregnancy, Stretch Marks, Or Other Forms Of Scarring

Nourishes + Hydrates To Boost Skin Resilience

A Face Grade® Body Serum With Advanced Support for Results You Can See And Feel

+ Copper Peptides | Helps stimulate collagen and elastin production to minimize the signs of skin aging

+ Hyaluronic Acid | Can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, drawing moisture into skin to smooth rough patches and plump fine lines

+ Omega Oil Blend | Macadamia, acai, kukui, avocado, and coconut oils lock in moisture while nourishing with vitamins B, C, D, and E

+ Antioxidant Blend | Goji, Acai, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea, and Mangosteen extracts help defend skin from damaging free radicals

+ Ideal For Layering Under Rich Moisturizers

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Alcohol Free

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free


No Color Added

Cruelty Free


This serum is nothing short of absolute perfection! It glides so smoothly and leaves my skin feeling luxurious and hydrated. I prefer this serum over any conventional moisturizer. The smell is fresh and addicting. I’m obsessed!!!

I love the smooth texture and how my skin feels after applying it. I love pairing this with the body creme and vitamin boost! All of these products have changed my skin. Thank you...It's only been a month or so and I can't wait to see more results over time. :)

The most noticeable change has been on my chest and arms. The skin appears so much younger! But other areas are also much improved.

This serum almost instantly makes my skin less crepy. It is absorbed immediately and has lasting results!

I have been using the Daily Remodeling Serum for about 5 months, and the results are nothing short of astounding! With this particular serum, I found that I received incredibly quick results! My skin is completely hydrated, the imperfections (dark spots, dry patches tone) have diminished significantly and I'm left with a glow. I am a customer for life! 

I never knew I needed this until I tried it and now I can't stop! It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated but never tacky feeling. I can see a huge difference in my skin tone. This is a must have!!

This Serum is wonderful for my skin. I love it! It doesn't take much but I've noticed a big improvement in my overall skin tone. My friends have also noticed. Thank you for making such wonderful products!!

The Ultimate Post-Pregnancy Stretch Mark Treatment

As much as I believe we should celebrate stretch marks because that’s real life & they’re souvenirs on this incredible journey! I also believe that we should feel empowered to take the best care possible of our skin as to support our body in making more room for baby.

As our skin stretches quickly, it causes collagen & elastin to break and the stretch marks happen when the skin heals. Instead of using a coconut oil solo, which can simply sit on the surface of the skin without deeply hydrating, I’ve been using Kayo Daily Remodeling Serum consistently because it has Face Grade®️ Ingredients Copper Peptides to help heal & repair the skin along with a full Omega Complex and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate.

This trifecta improves the appearance of stretch marks (along with fine lines and crepey skin), especially when you start applying early on. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, topical products can help if you “use the product on early stretch marks, massage the product into your stretch marks, and apply the product every day for weeks.”

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