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Neck Sculpting Gua Sha

Neck Sculpting Gua Sha

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Face Grade Body Care®

Give a sagging neck and jawline a tighter, more toned appearance with this time-honored beauty tool. An ancient Eastern technique, gua sha helps the face and body look more sculpted by boosting lymphatic drainage and reducing water retention. It also helps soothe sore muscles and draws blood flow to the skin's surface for a healthy glow.

SMOOTH EDGE | Can be used on neck and face to help boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, for an immediate brightening + de-puffing effect

CURVED EDGE | Specifically designed to fit against the curves of the cheekbones, jaw, and neck

DEFINED EDGE |  Use the defined edge to smaller and more tender areas of the face and neck

For best results, massage our Concentrated Firming Serum into the neck and jawline with the opalite crystal gua sha tool. Use medium pressure and upward strokes for the neck, outward strokes on the jawline. Then, do the same with our Age Defense Neck Cream.

Anti-Aging Skincare Shouldn't Stop With Your Face.

We spend so much time caring for our face, but what about the other 95% of skin on our body? We start to see signs of aging in our necks, chests, hands, and even knees. Our face grade® formulas have the same concentration of active ingredients found in premium skincare for the face but are designed to target signs of aging and other skincare concerns on the body, delivering brighter, tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin from chin to toes.


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