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Wellness Do's and Dont's of Pregnancy

  1. Do take time to meditate and connect with your growing baby. Pre- quarantine,  @rejuvenatewithnousha  led me through the most beautiful reiki meditation during my facial with her and I’ve been taking those same moments at home ever since, through my pregnancy and after
  2. Do embrace the changes pregnancy may bring and celebrate your new body as it is, allowing for personal transformation in the process
  3. Do reach out to other mamas (new and experienced) to feel a sense of community. We’re all here for each other and mamas always have the best advice!
  4. Low Back Stretches - These moves felt so amazing when I was pregnant and I did them DAILY. They helped me prepare for delivery, they have helped my core spring back (and I even used some during delivery) — but even more importantly, taking those moments every day to stretch & care of my mind, body and spirit benefited me and Poppy in the long run. Reconnecting with your own body when you’re sharing it with another human helps make it the best possible home for your growing baby! 
  1. Don’t skip out on vital sleep. Sleep and rest are essential for the baby to grow and develop
  2. Don’t feel guilty about first trimester cravings and sickness. I ate the worst junk during those months because it was all I could stomach and you know what— that’s okay! There’s always time to eat healthy again once that period passes
  3. Don’t compare your journey to that of others. You are on your own unique path and everything will work out! Do what feels right for YOU.

For my expecting beauties right now, you can find all my prenatal workouts and stretch routines on the FREE FitOn app Enjoy!


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