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Turns Out Soup Is Good For You

Turns out soup is good for the soul and the rest of you too!

I have a soup prepped almost every week as part of my diet. I’ve experienced so many benefits for my digestion, my beauty, and my immunity. So I did a little research and turns out I’m not alone - check out the scientific data below.

  1. Boost your immunity and skin health 👩🏾‍⚕️Get your daily dose of skin saving VITAMINS & MINERALS. A study of 10,500 ppl at University of Iowa found ppl who ate soup had a higher quality diet with increased amounts of nutrients like vitamin a, c, magnesium, and iron.
  2. The ultimate fit food 🥘 Studies show that ppl who skip soup are about 40% more likely to be overweight specifically related to your waist circumference with about 1 1/4 inches difference.
  3. Eat more with fewer calories 🙅🏻‍♂️ Penn State reported that eating soup before lunch helped ppl cut 134 calories out of entire meal, specifically the empty calories from extra servings of 🥖 or 🍝)
  4. Beat the bloat 🍋 Unless you go for a soup laden with heavy cream, most recipes include fibrous vegetables, beans, and lentils that all ensure a healthy digestion and a flat belly. In addition, because soup is typically body temperature at consumption with pre-digested vegetables it gives your digestion a break, so less gas is created while digesting.

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