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The Benefits of Body Combing

Raise your hand if you’re in need of a great detox after this year! I’ve found just using Kayo Gua Sha Comb 1-2 times a week has had more benefits than any extreme detox diets or spa treatments I’ve ever tried.

Combing has many benefits, but ultimately it provides a major detox to the body by drawing toxins out from deep within the muscles and lymphatic. It also helps to stretch the connective tissue and soften adhesions like stretch marks and cellulite. By removing these constructions and toxins it improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

A healthy and active lymphatic system ultimately stimulates a healthy immune system (get healthy), increases metabolic activity (get fit), and anti- inflammatory response (get glowing)!

I feel this is one of the main reasons I healed post pregnancy so quickly. Your body is a tool - it needs a little selfcare (like a tune up) to preform optimally. The longer you let it go - the more you will have to do when it breaks down. Small weekly practices like this are vital for you continued daily health, beauty, and ultimately happiness!

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