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Episode 22: Pre & Postpartum Hair Health

There’s nothing like looking down at your sweet new born baby and finding chunks of your hair lying next to them. Have you been there? I sure have and so has our guest, Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist and beauty influencer. Postpartum hair loss happens for a natural reason and it’s preventable and manageable!

Justine is a stylist with 15 years experience and has been touted for creating some of the most iconic and trend setting hair styles. Her expertise has received countless awards and has been featured in countless publications including Glamour, Allure, InStyle, Refinery29 and more. Justine delivers the latest hair looks and how-to’s giving stylists and consumers the power to have a good hair day, every day.

In this episode, you’ll learn
  • Supplements to help regrow your hair
  • Why you have hair loss
  • Two reasons why you have postpartum hair loss
  • Natural solutions to prevent postpartum hair loss
  • Simple hairstyle solutions to mask hair loss
  • How Justine got into the beauty industry
  • The glamorous and unglamorous side of the beauty industry
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