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Post-Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Verified PUT THE GENERIC COCONUT OIL DOWN! It’s not as effective as you think in avoiding those post-pregnancy stretch marks! 

As much as I believe we should celebrate stretch marks because that’s real life & they’re souvenirs on this incredible journey! 

I also believe that we should feel empowered to take the best care possible of our skin as to support our body in making more room for baby.

As our skin stretches quickly, it causes collagen & elastin to break and the stretch marks happen when the skin heals. Instead of using a coconut oil solo, which can simply sit on the surface of the skin without deeply hydrating, I’ve been using Kayo Advanced Peptide Serum consistently because it has Face Grade®️ Ingredients Copper Peptides to help heal & repair the skin along with a full Omega Complex and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate. This trifecta improves the appearance of stretch marks (along with fine lines and crepey skin), especially when you start applying early on. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, topical products can help if you “use the product on early stretch marks, massage the product into your stretch marks, and apply the product every day for weeks.” Check, check, and check

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