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My Daily Defense from Inflamm-aging

Curcumin has been a staple in my daily supplementation since my body broke down from overtaxing it with too much physical stress (too many workouts without recovery) and mental stressors. This all caused an abundance of inflammation leading to pains and aches, aging skin, and general lack of vitality.

Upon my research to heal myself, I discovered the power of curcumin as an anti-inflammatory. However, not all curcumin is equal. In developing our daily defense we utilized our patent-pending delivery method, scientifically proven to absorb into the body within 20 minutes with increased potency.

I believe Daily Defense was a major part of healing myself before and recently post-delivery. I don’t miss a day taking it to ensure I never fall prey to the inflammation that wrecked my body years ago. Plus, it’s powerful antioxidant properties preserve skin’s youthful vibrancy!

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