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Meet The Kayo Serum That Sells Out Every Summer

One of my spring rituals is stocking up on Kayo’s Concentrated Firming Serum—because I know that once summer hits, it *will* sell out. 

Ever since it launched back in 2016, this face-grade® body serum has been an editor, celebrity, and customer favorite. I like to call it Pilates class in a bottle, because it helps skin look smoother, tighter, and more toned in minutes. It was named Best Cellulite Treatment by Shape magazine, and is an insider go-to for beach days, photo shoots, events, and any other time you’re showing a little skin. (Now you know why it’s such a hot seller in summer.)

So what’s the secret? Unlike other body care products that claim to firm the skin, Kayo’s is formulated with a combination of clean ingredients that’s exclusive to us. That means you won’t find another product that delivers results quite like ours—it truly helps make skin healthier and look more youthful each time you apply. 

Here are 3 ingredients that make Kayo’s Concentrated Firming Serum stand out from the body care crowd.

  1. Adiposlim | This patented ingredient is a triple threat for “orange peel” skin. First, it helps inhibit fat storage in your skin’s fatty layer. Then, it helps wake up stored fat and recycle it into energy. (Yep, it actually helps boost fat metabolism—that’s why I love putting it on before or after a workout!) Studies show Adiposlim can reduce the appearance of cellulite by 12%, giving skin a more toned look over time.
  2. Caffeine | Just like your morning cup of coffee, the caffeine in Concentrated FIrming Serum helps kick things into high gear. But instead of giving you a brain boost, this caffeine helps boost metabolism and improve the circulation in skin. The result? Less puffiness and a smoother, more contoured finish.
  3. Kayo’s Botanical Firming Complex | Our exclusive firming blend contains an array of anti-inflammatory, skin-tightening ingredients, including horsetail, witch hazel, marigold, and chamomile. 

All of these ingredients alone are great for aging skin, but they’re even more powerful in combination. Reviewers have told us Concentrated Firming Serum has helped minimize crepey skin, reduce the “mom pooch”, and made their cellulite less noticeable. No wonder we can’t keep it in stock during the summer months—better get yours while you still can. 

Xo, Christine

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