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Immunity Booster

I’ve been spiking all my meals with TURMERIC lately because well— why not?! The list of benefits from this golden spice is loooong which is why it’s one of my favorite #beautyfoods 

It’s rich in a compound called curcumin with is amazing for lowering inflammation and boosting immune response. 
  • Put it in some oatmeal with almond milk & cinnamon 
  • Sprinkle it over eggs (I’m intolerant to eggs but if I ate them I would!) 
  • Rub on some chicken or salmon before roasting 
  • Add to your salad dressings for an extra anti-inflammatory kick 🥗 

Trying to get all the nourishment I can from my diet nowadays and supplementing the rest! Has your diet changed at all during this time?

I love supplementing with Kayo Daily Defense Curcumin 

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