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Episode 8: Energy Healing For The Skin And Spirit With Nousha Salimi

The first time I got a facial with today’s guest, Nousha Salimi, I started crying on the table. I was pregnant at the time and feeling a lot of fear and anxiety—but with Nousha’s signature energy healing facial, I was able to let go of those emotions and left feeling a lot lighter. 

That day, I learned that Nousha is a powerful healer for both the skin and the spirit.  She’s a nurse, reiki master, and “facial rejuvenation artist” for celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Sofia Richie. She’s also a talented songwriter and mother of two young children, and I’m so excited for you to meet her today!

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The connection between emotional health and the skin 
  • What reiki is and how it can help clear stress from the body
  • How Nousha helps her kids calm down when they’re having big feelings
  • A 3-minute body scan meditation you can use any time for healing energy 
  • The high-tech skin care treatment Nousha is loving right now (and the product she uses for recovery)
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