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Episode 47: Craniosacral Therapy for Birth Trauma, Colic & More with Lauren Brim


Christine was at a breaking point when she met the guest for this episode, Lauren Brim. Her third daughter was born with colic, which is a very general term to explain a baby in discomfort and typically crying all the time. After following a friend’s recommendation to try Craniosacral Fascial Therapy from expert Lauren Brim, Chrisitne’s daughter Josephine found relief from her colic and made a bowel movement after days of constipation. Lauren also helped Christine uncover the underlying causes of the colic and discomfort for Josephine.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle massage that uses a light touch and stretch techniques to assess and release restrictions of the connective tissue throughout the whole body. This can help relax and release tension that is causing pain, it helps to align the body structurally, and gets all the systems working properly - like eating, pooping, sleeping, and basically normalizing a baby’s central nervous system. It also helps to restore a calm balance to the natural biorhythms of the child.

Dr. Lauren Brim is the creator of Bodywork for Babies International. She is a Craniosacral Fascial Therapist, an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor, and she runs a busy practice of treating babies and working with families in Los Angeles while teaching this work to others in her online course. She loves sharing this gentle work with our youngest population and watching the miracles that unfold with feeding, breathing and development and how this early intervention helps not only the baby but the whole family thrive.

Whether you are dealing with colic and need relief or you're interested in hearing about the benefits of this therapy for yourself, Lauren’s here to explain:

- What is cranial sacral therapy
- Symptoms you may have injured fascia
- Why craniosacral therapy is great for babies
- How craniosacral therapy helps the body heal itself
- Why a breastfeeding mother needs a healthy nervous system
- How often she sees tight fascia in mouths of babies
- How early can babies receive craniosacral therapy
- Explanation of a craniosacral therapy session for babies
- What else to expect during craniosacral therapy
- Relief you can expect after a craniosacral therapy session
- The powerful work of craniosacral therapy
- How often does one need craniosacral therapy
- You can learn to do craniosacral therapy with Lauren’s course

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