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Episode 46: Reimagining Pre and Postnatal Health with Perelel Health Co-Founder Alex Taylor

Women’s health needs are not a-one-size-fits-all, so why should your vitamins be? Doctors recommend pregnant women take prenatal vitamins, but what should perimenopausal women take or post menopausal? No matter where you are in your reproductive cycle, Alex Taylor, the co-founder and co-CEO of women’s wellness brand Perelel, set forth to solve those supplemental needs.

Alex became a self-proclaimed wellness buff after navigating her own thyroid diagnosis, and she’s no stranger to products with a purpose after years working in the fashion and wellness space. She first grew intimately aware of the lack of transparency and education available in the prenatal-vitamin market when she was pregnant with her first child. That led her to begin customizing a prenatal regimen for herself.

Searching for a solution, she launched Perelel: the first/only OB-GYN founded vitamin brand that meets you wherever you are on your journey as a mom. Perelel is pioneering a new standard for supporting women with vitamins for every stage of their reproductive life cycle.

Previously, Alex served as president and executive editor-in-chief for Clique Media; maintained roles at Vogue, Rogers & Cowan, L'Oréal, Google and URBN’s Free People; and has been recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30. Alex is a graduate of USC, with a dual-degree in journalism and creative writing. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and her goldendoodle.

Alex share the following:
- Understanding the female reproductive needs
- Her pregnancy journey that lead to Perelel
- How she went from working at vogue to vitamins
- why she wanted to reinvent the prenatal vitamin
- Why too much biotin can impact your health
- It’s okay if you didn’t take the best prenatal vitamins
- Health tips for women done having kids or who don’t have kids
- Reasons to take a conception support product
- Benefits of taking prenatals 3 years after childbirth.
- How to take the guesswork out of your health support needs
- Addressing every stage of fertility with vitamins
- Tips for moms to care for themselves
- Additional tips for women trying to conceive
- Products for men’s reproductive health


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