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Episode 45: Restore Your Microbiome, Restore Your Skin with Dr. Larry Weiss & Julia Durack

As consumers, marketing tells us we need the next newest skincare products containing as many ingredients as possible for the most benefit. Brands provide those loaded products (most of which are wasted in efficacy on skin because they are in such a low quantity) and they add synthetic ingredients with plenty of preservatives, and they focus on the symptoms instead of treating the source of our skincare concerns.

There’s a simple solution, Symbiome skincare. The line uses 10 or less ingredients in all its products which restores the skin’s natural resilience, health and beauty. Symbiome is a microbiome research & development company, rooted in science, that has created a post biotic line of skincare to pave the way to healthy skin.

Its founder, Larry Weiss, is a leader in the microbiome and life sciences community with over 20 years on the forefront of innovation developing clean, safe, and non-toxic household and skincare products. He leads an esteemed group of PhD microbiologists and dermatologists who have created Symbiome’s cutting edge research of the microbiome and its role in skin health.

Larry has a medical degree from Stanford University and a BS in Biochemistry from Cornell University. He has over 20 patents and publications in the areas of chemistry, electrophysiology, clinical pharmacology, and the microbiome.

The VP of Research and Development at Symbiomem, Julia Durack, has extensive knowledge and research experience in clinical microbiology, the human microbiome, and its role in health and disease. She has a Ph. D. in Food Microbiology and BS in Biomedical Science.

Both of them discuss the following:
- What is microbiome and what is its role in skin health
- Differences between good and bad bacteria on the skin
- The role inflammation plays in our skin health
- External stressors to avoid that disrupt our skin microbiome
- How your skin dictates your overall health
- Value of eating fermented foods
- Why you should eat more fermented food
- Biggest myth of microbiome
- Why they only believe in products with 7 ingredients or less
- How the Symbiome products eliminate personalized skincare

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