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Episode 42: Why Your Workout Isn’t Working with The Workout LA Founders

What is your fitness routine and do you actually enjoy it? Having fun is one of the most important parts of having a successful wellness plan. Fun is what will help you stay consistent and make lasting changes.

If you feel that you're plateauing or bored, then get ready to spark a new love for your fitness routine with Nicole Haworth and Ashley Layfield of The Workout LA.

Nicole and Ashley are two best friends and top trainers in LA’s competitive fitness industry. They created The Workout LA (TWLA) - a fitness brand centered around female empowerment that is results driven and a movement of self love and celebration of ALL bodies. TWLA online studio members have unlimited access to over 400 workouts ranging from dance, pilates, and HIIT to weekly live zoom classes, and exclusive workout challenges all done remotely.

Ashley and Nicole share the following tips and some laughter including:
- How they got started in fitness
- When they began working together
- Why they teach their specific methods of exercise
- Cardio only doesn’t produce results
- The reason to focus on how you feel instead of how you look
- Various benefits of fitness
- Avoid fad diets and do this instead
- Value of short productive workouts
- Why they include dance and why anyone can do it
- Tips to stay consistent with fitness
- Favorite exercises for waist/abs
- Favorite booty exercises
- Favorite arm exercises
- Benefit of working out in something you feel good in
- When feeling physically sore, when to start fitness again

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