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Episode 32: Get A Facelift With Just A Facial

Aging is incurable. That’s why prevention is smarter than a cure according to facialist Adeela Crown. With a combination of at home skin care gadgets and cutting edge creams, you can keep your skin young and healthy. Adeela is one of the most exciting voices in skin, a self-confessed skin-tech enthusiast and self-professed “gadget girl”, combining cutting-edge tech with her unique “hands-on” approach. 

Adeela’s trademarked treatments like “Supersculpt,” “Crowning Glory,” and “Skindance" give legendary results and have all of Hollywood knocking her door.  From Marvel pictures and Universal Studios to the Oscars red carpet and Met Gala, she ensures that her clients appear on camera and off with their most youthful and sculpted skin.

Adeela Crown is more than a facialist. She is a Skin Engineer. Equipped with the knowledge she acquired studying cosmetic chemistry, her journey began over 10 years ago when she shunned a career in financial services to pursue her true passion in the world of luxury skincare. Now Adeela spends the majority of her time flying between destinations like Maldives, LA, Dubai, New York and London. 


In this episode Adeela discusses:
  • Her journey from finance to skin care
  • How our lifestyle choices age our skin
  • The best SPF hack
  • Why melasma is not a sign of bad skin care
  • The one skincare product everyone should use 
  • How to properly serum cocktail
  • The proper way to use retinol 
  • At home high tech skin care products 
  • Simple tools to keep skin healthy 


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