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Episode 31: Anti-Aging Trends & Procedures

How many of you have been hyper analyzing your face on Zoom calls and social media posts? I’m gonna be truthful, I’m definitely one of those people. It’s no surprise given we live in a post pandemic lock down era where video calls are a mainstay. 

That over analyzing has led to a spike in certain plastic surgery procedures and the cosmetics industry is booming. According to the aesthetics society, Americans spent more than $8.7 billion on aesthetic plastic surgery in the first half of 2021. What is everyone having done?

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian spills it all on this episode. She is the founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery, Spa26, The Skin Spot e-commerce site, and the Nazarian Institute where she brings thought leaders to teach business owners in the luxury space to ThinkBIG–Branding, Innovation, Growth all while being a wife and mother to 3 children.

In this episode Dr. Nazarian discusses:
  • Why she believes plastic surgery is self care
  • The reason for the spike in cosmetic procedures post pandemic
  • Top plastic surgery procedure she’s performing
  • The right way to do body contouring
  • How to get rid of trouble fat areas
  • Why natural results will always be trending 
  • Best non-invasive procedures to slow aging
  • Difference between face lifts and eyebrow lifts
  • Why you want to avoid thread lifts
  • How to find a board certified plastic surgeon
  • Questions to ask every plastic surgeon 
  • The biggest plastic surgery trend of 2022
  • One product everyone should use to slow aging
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