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Episode 30: Create Sustainable Organization

There’s a recent trend sweeping the internet called organizational porn. If you like that kind of content then you love the Netflix Shows, “The Home Edit” and “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Or you may want some help organizing your messy home. Either way, this episode is for you. 

Why is it satisfying to see all your books color coordinated or tri folding your thongs perfectly in a drawer? The answer is simple, keeping things organized is good for your mental health. Once you have a system and zones in place, staying organized is easy. Though knowing where to start can be intimidating and that’s where this episode’s guest Jen Robin, professional home organizer and founder & CEO of Life in Jeneral comes into play.

Jen has always loved organizing and creating systems because organizing truly is about transforming lives for the better. She teaches people to marry organization, function and aesthetics so they can live a more joyful life and how to clear the stress and clutter from their life.

In this episode Lindsay discusses:
  • Tips to begin organizing
  • Questions to ask yourself when organizing
  • How to avoid overwhelm during organization 
  • Ways to make organization a priority 
  • Tips to simplify your space
  • Build healthier mental habits to break free from the clutter
  • Strategies to get and stay organized
  • How to create a sustainable organization method
  • The emotional benefits of an organized home
  • How to organize kids toys
  • Why it’s good to involve kids in the process
  • Marrying function and aesthetics in a home
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