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Episode 3: Staying Youthful with Fascia Fitness

Could old trauma and stuck emotions be causing your muscle knots, poor immunity and slow metabolism? According to today’s guest—”The Body Whisperer” Lauren Roxburgh—they might be. (Don’t worry, she’s got a plan to help you release them!)  

Lauren is an internationally renowned author, wellness educator, leader and inspirational speaker. She is the founder and CCO of the popular virtual wellness platform The Aligned Life Studio, the founder of the community hub Aligned Tribe Collective and the creator of The Body Collection line of bodywork tools. Lauren is the go-to expert on all things holistic body care, fascia, alignment, emotional health and movement medicine. She regularly works with Hollywood’s A-List along with some of the greatest athletes and surgeons on the planet.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How knots, tension, and pain in the body are connected to our emotions

  • Why gut massage can boost the immune system (and where to learn how to do it)

  • Why we all need to focus more on pelvic floor health and an exercise to strengthen it

  • Why backing off from intense workouts can be the most nourishing thing we can do

  • Lauren’s simple daily rituals that help flush toxins and stuck emotions from her body, including dry brushing, rebounding, and foam rolling

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