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Episode 26: Secrets To Good Skin At Every Age

Would you like to wake up to clear and glowy skin? I know for me, it gives me an instant boost of happiness. On the days I wake up with a zit, it is an instant buzzkill. Adult acne is not uncommon and is caused by many things including, unbalanced hormones, dirty pillowcases, environmental toxins and more.

Enter the expert of vital healthy skin, esthetician Gina Mari who is lauded as the “Best Facials in LA” by Allure magazine. Gina conducts advanced research and utilizes cutting-edge technologies in her personalized skincare programs. This makes her the go-to expert to re-energize aging and damaged skin by stimulating cellular regeneration from deep within the tissue. Bonus, she’s great at repairing acne prone skin too.

In this episode Gina divulges her wisdom to boost your skin’s radiance, maximize results, and support that natural beauty along with
  • Why good skin is not always genetic
  • How to preserve your skin over time
  • The impact of time, genetics, and environment on the skin
  • Why skin care is not a one size fits all treatment
  • The go-to high tech tools to reverse signs of aging, acne, and stress
  • The main causes of acne
  • Why stress could be causing your breakouts
  • Tips to simplify your skin care routine
  • Benefits of LED light therapy
  • Top treatment options for the different acne types
  • When to see an esthetician for extractions
  • Types of lifestyle patterns that negatively affect skin
  • Solutions to treat hormonal cystic acne
  • At-home skin care devices that actually work to repair skin
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