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Episode 25: Coming Clean — A Guide To Clean Beauty

Clean beauty has never been universally defined - yet it has redefined our beauty routines and the clean beauty revolution has grown faster than you can say paraben-free. It’s gained popularity in part because beauty is one of the least regulated industries in the US, banning around only 30 ingredients. Then add in the misinformation and buzzwords like natural, organic, clean, green. How can we truly know what that means without a universal standard or definition of each?

We have expert Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden with us today to put your products under the microscope and clean up the misinformation in clean beauty.

Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden is the co-founder at Goldfaden MD, a prestige, plant-based skincare line inspired by the coveted in-office dermatology procedures that her father-in-law, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, performs. Since having her two children, Lauren has taken on two additional roles: mother and Founder of Mini Bloom, an organic and plant-powered line of essentials designed specifically for children's delicate skin.

In this episode Lauren defines all the clean beauty buzz words to help you identify what’s important for your health and even your child’s, plus
  • Why there’s a need for clean beauty
  • The definition of clean beauty
  • What qualifies as a toxic ingredient
  • The difference between natural and organic products
  • What it means to be chemical-free
  • What it means to be natural
  • Tips to keep brands accountable for their claims
  • Top clean skincare and hygiene products for kids
  • Common skin irritants to avoid in products
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