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Episode 24: The Secrets To Celebrity Skin

When it comes to celebrity estheticians in Hollywood, Kate Somerville is the OG. I have personally been a longtime fan of Kate and her products like her legendary ExfoliKate, as well as her clinic on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.
Kate opened her first Skin Health Clinic back in 2004 and women immediately fell in love with the personalization Kate and her team provided, giving hope to those who couldn’t find skin solutions anywhere else. Word quickly spread through the entertainment industry and she became the go-to for the world’s most famous and photographed faces. It was because of one of these celebrities that her holy grail product the ExfoliKate Intensive was born and evolved into her clinically perfected luxurious formulas sold worldwide.
But there is a lot more to the woman behind this amazing brand. She’s passionate about helping others who - like her - come from humble beginnings, have faced unimaginable setbacks, and are determined to chase their dreams and defy impossible odds.
In this episode you’ll learn
  • How Kate’s childhood influenced her desire to launch a skincare brand
  • Kate’s approach to beautiful skin and wellness
  • The story behind the one product that catapulted her skincare brand
  • Why exfoliation is important
  • Tips to avoid aging skin
  • The 5 Daily Dos for healthy skin
  • Skincare essentials every woman needs
  • Why peptides are important
  • Unhealthy skincare trends to avoid
  • Number one laser skin treatment to try
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