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Episode 23: Natural Health Hacks To Heal From Cancer + Beyond

Our guest is the ultimate testament to taking your health by the bajangas, turning a scary life threatening diagnosis around, and continuing to stay in the best health. Elissa Goodman was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 32 years old, after which she also discovered hypothyroidism, Hashimotos, and celiac disease.

She took her health into her own hands, learned A-Z of what really works in wellness and took an alternative route to heal herself. Elisa became an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist and has helped thousands of clients manage their health issues. She’s the author of the book Cancer Hacks, runs her own delivery S.O.U.P cleanse in Los Angeles, sells her famous Super Seed Bars and is the creator of the digital 7-Day RESET cleanse.

In this episode you’ll learn
  • How to fight cancer with natural remedies
  • The physical effects of mental and physical stress on our body
  • What an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist does
  • Health benefits of juices and soups
  • Top methods to heal cancer
  • Using food as medicine to heal yourself
  • How to live in a parasympathetic system
  • The importance of sleep for our health
  • Ways to heal your gut
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