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Episode 21: Infant Formula 101

The first 1,000 days of a newborn baby’s life are crucial to healthy brain and gut development. When I adopted my first child Remi, we had to start her on formula. Selecting the right formula for your newborn can feel like a massive decision as you want to provide them with the best early nutrition. 

There are many reasons parents choose formula for their newborns such as in my case adoption, babies having trouble latching, or lack of milk production. Thank goodness the conversation around formula is becoming more common and normalized by mothers!

To help you make the best decision about baby formula, we have two guests on the show this week: Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAPA who’s a working mom of three and best selling author of several books, including “What to Feed Your Baby,” and Kristy Carr the Chief Executive Officer of Bubs Australia, a 17-year-old clean infant and toddler nutrition company that just launched in the US. These two women are dedicated to setting up your child with a lifetime of good eating habits by giving them the best start possible with formula. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why nutrition is important during a baby’s first 1,000 days
  • How to know what formula is right for your child
  • Differences in cow milk formulas
  • How to spot a quality clean cow formula
  • Benefits of using a goat milk formula
  • When to try a plant based baby formula
  • Pros and cons of clean and organic formulas
  • Formula options for babies with lactose allergies
  • If you really need to buy the organic baby formula
  • Ingredients parents should look for in formula
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