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Episode 15: Astrology Life Hacks

Ever wish you had a direct line to the universe to help you navigate your family, career, health, and wellness? Well, today’s guest believes that you do—it’s called astrology—and she’s here to share some practical ways we can plan our lives with the help of the cosmos.

Julie Rader is an intuitive astrologer, self-professed “old-school yogini,” mom of two—and an old friend of mine. Her unique approach brings yoga and astrology together and helps make the stars more applicable to the modern world. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn
  • How astrology can help you better understand yourself and your family members
  • How to use the moon cycles to plan your business, workouts, and other aspects of life
  • Simple rituals that help you harness the energy of each moon cycle
  • How to use Mercury retrograde to your advantage in business and relationships
  • The restorative way Julie decompresses after her kids go to bed 
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