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Episode 13: Daily Rituals For Peace + Fulfillment

We hear a lot about the importance of creating morning and evening rituals to reconnect to ourselves. But how do we stick to them when life gets busy? Today’s guest is an expert in designing healing rituals, and she’ll be giving us all of her best tips in today’s episode.

Shiva Rose is creator of  “The Local Rose”—a blog dedicated to nurturing and nourishing women—as well as the author of Whole Beauty, a bestselling book full of practical daily rituals, nutrition tips, DIY beauty recipes, and Ayurvedic practices to support your natural health and radiance. She is also the founder of Shiva Rose Skincare, a 100% toxin-free line of skincare for face, body, and hair.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn
  • How to turn your daily tasks into healing rituals
  • How to tap into to your divine femininity to reclaim your creativity, connection, and joy
  • How tea ceremonies can help you reconnect to yourself and your needs
  • Simple tips to center yourself through nature
  • How the moon cycles can guide our own cycles
  • The 3 daily rituals Shiva can’t live without
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Questions? Text Christine at 1-310-361-8697

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Questions? Text Christine at 1-310-361-8697

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