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Episode 10: Clear, Glowing Skin Through Plant-Based Eating

Clear, glowing, youthful-looking skin starts from the inside, and no one knows that better than today’s guest, Whitney Tingle.

After struggling with severe acne for years, Whitney dove into a plant-based diet—with the help of her nutritionist friend, Danielle DuBoise. Her results were so dramatic that her friends started asking for her secrets, and the rest is history: Whitney and Danielle launched beauty-food delivery service Sakara in 2012. (AKA the company that put plant-based meal delivery on the map.) 

In this episode, you’ll learn
  • Why plant-based eating really means (Hint: It’s not necessarily vegan) 
  • How Whitney used food to heal her cystic acne when nothing else worked
  • How Whitney and Christine changed their lifestyles to get pregnant naturally
  • The one food everyone should eat daily to uplevel their health, according to Whitney
  • Easy and affordable ways to get more plants into your diet 
  • How to encourage your children to eat more plants 
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Instagram: @sakaralife  @whitneytingle

Use code PN_KISSPODCAST for 20% off your first-time Sakara purchase of $100 or more.

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