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Episode 1: Ageless Beauty with Brooke Burke

Our first guest is my dear friend—and one of the kindest, hardest-working women in Hollywood—founder and CEO of BrookeBurkeBODY fitness app, television host, author, and supermom Brooke Burke.
Brooke is such an inspiration: Over the past decade, she’s overcome thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s, IBD, and other autoimmune disorders—all while raising four children and killing it in her career. Now, with her BrookeBurkeBODY app, she’s using her wealth of health and fitness knowledge to help other women live their healthiest lives.
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How female friendships make us healthier and stronger—and why they often get better after 40
  • Brooke’s morning routine for non-morning people
  • How mindset helps Brooke navigate her autoimmune issues 
  • Why Brooke swears by breath work and sound healing to reset her body
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting for cellular repair 
  • How Brooke stays consistent with fitness—and what she does when she falls off track

Learn more:
Instagram: @brookeburke
Brooke Burke Body App:

Listen to and Watch Episode 1 Now:

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