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Dairy-Free + Sugar-Free Raw Chocolate Bar

Here is my dairy-free chocolate recipe. I love to make these any season but I especially love to make at the holidays, put in seasonal chocolate box, and give as a gift to friends and guests. 


60g cacao butter, chopped into small chunks

1/3 cup raw cacao powder

2 tbsp raw organic coconut oil

2 tbsp tahini or macadamia butter

1-2 tbsp raw honey

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

Optional - Add nuts and/or fruit. My favorite combinations are almonds with sea salt; macadamias and orange rind with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg; dried cherries with lemon rind; crystalized ginger and gogi berries. 


  1. Melt cacao butter in a glass bowl over boiling water.
  2. Stir in all other ingredients and remove from heat. 
  3. Pour chocolate into molds or flat tray lined with parchment paper. Place in freezer. 
  4. It takes 10-2- minutes to set. Either pop the molds out or break the break of chocolate into pieces. 
  5. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. 


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