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Christine's Tips for her BFFs

Being a fitness and nutrition expert for 20+ years, our founder Christine Bullock gets A LOT of wellness questions from her friends (and staff, present company included). We consolidated the top questions she gets over and over to share with you here! Drumroll please, here are the top tips Christine shares with her BFFs for better skin & body health with a busy lifestyle:

Q: How can I make sure I’m getting enough protein in a day without eating too much?
A: Skin Perfect is my go-to for 9 grams of protein in a single 45 calorie drink! I drink one every morning, and it has the added benefits of smoothing my skin, and helping my hair and nails grow. It’s also VOGUE’s pick for best collagen!

Q: What helps with creases on the chest?
A: This is common as we age, creasing from sleeping on our sides or too much sun exposure (guilty!). A quick daily fix is my Concentrated Firming Serum - add it on your neck and chest while you’re doing your facial skincare routine. If you have extra time once or twice a week, add a Gua Sha massage over top to break up hardened collagen.

Q: How can I indulge in a big - or even healthy sized - dinner and not feel so painfully bloated after?
A: This date night dilemma is so common! Make sure you take Bloat Be Gone a few days leading up to the big dinner if possible. If not, double the dose on the day-of or just after indulging. I see a big difference in just 20 minutes with my bloating.

Check back here for more Q&A from Christine throughout the year. Have something specific you'd love to ask? Send it over in an email and we or Christine will get back to you personally:

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