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Your Post-Sugar Secret Weapons

Anyone else raid their kids’ Easter baskets after they went to bed?

If so—and you’re feeling bloated, tired, breaking out, or have other symptoms of a sugar hangover—allow me to introduce two of my secret weapons for the morning after, chlorella and spirulina.

These two alkalizing greens, found in Kayo’s Vital Greens Superfood Powder, are forms of algae with slightly different, but equally powerful health benefits. Let’s break them down!

4 Benefits of the Chlorella and Spirulina in Your Greens Powder

1. Chlorella and Spirulina Are High in Energizing, Skin-Loving Nutrients

Both chlorella and spirulina are about 50-60% protein, with high amounts of iron, zinc, magnesium, and an array of antioxidants. Plus, Chlorella is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains 287% of your daily vitamin A requirement, while spirulina has 85% of the copper you need each day. All of these nutrients contribute to youthful looking skin and are key for helping your body function at its best and most energized!

2. Both Greens Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that both chlorella and spirulina may have a positive impact on blood sugar levels. One group of researchers found that consuming chlorella for 4 months changed subjects’ gene expression to optimize their glucose uptake. Another small study indicated that taking spirulina for 2 months lowered subjects’ blood sugar levels both fasting and after eating. Translation: If you consume these power greens long-term, they may be able to help your body handle dessert more easily.

3. They Can Help Us Detox Heavy Metals

Chlorella and spirulina both bind to heavy metals in the body and help us flush them out. I take both on a regular basis to keep my toxin load low—when I do indulge in junk food, I don’t feel as bad the next day. Just a scoop of Vital Greens in my water each morning does the job!

4. Chlorella and Spirulina May Improve Gut Health and Immunity
A 2017 study showed that several types of blue-green algae—including chlorella and spirulina—have a prebiotic effect. This means they act as food for good bacteria in the gut that help to regulate digestion—bye, bloat!—and boost the immune system.

Those are just a few of the key benefits of spirulina and chlorella—two of the 25 superfoods in every scoop of our Vital Greens Superfood Power. Not only is this my go-to for detoxing after a sugar binge, but it’s also great for energy, immunity, skin health, inflammation, and more!

Have more questions about chlorella and spirulina? DM me on Instagram @ChristineBullock and I’ll do my best to answer!

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